“The Future Depends on What You Do Today”

Addressing stress

Stress has become the illness of our time! So many people experience stress and the global Covid-19 pandemic has even further increased the average stress levels.

At one point or another most people experience stress; this is absolutely normal. What isn’t normal is prolonged stress that might cause permanent damage… Continue reading

Pause…and reflect

Research has shown that since the various lock-downs were imposed many months ago, most working individuals have worked much harder and much longer hours than before. This, coupled with the choice of not taking leave, mean that most working individuals have not paused to reflect in a very long time.… Continue reading

Taking leave, even during lockdown…

For many of us leave means: Going somewhere. With the various lockdowns all over the world, these breakaways had to be cancelled or postponed which resulted in a number of us not having a single scheduled break since the beginning of the lockdown. Is that healthy?

Medical doctors have seen… Continue reading

What is it with all these negative emotions?

The world has been telling you to bottle up your emotions your entire life. After all: Cowboys and Cowgirls don’t cry!

Suppressing your emotions may spare others the discomfort of having to deal with your feelings, but keeping it all on the inside can cause way more harm than what… Continue reading

Do I love myself?

You must have heard it before: You need to love yourself. So, what does it mean to love yourself? How do you do it? And is it ok to love yourself; is that not awfully self-centred?

Let’s first understand what self-love really is: It refers to our ability to hold… Continue reading

I am working myself to death!

Over the last few weeks, I have met with a number of clients that are working harder during lockdown than ever before and are virtually on the brink of burn-out. Not only do you have to focus on your paying job, but this job has to be balanced with children,… Continue reading

How to stay sane during lockdown

By now you have seen a variety of blogs, articles and views on the lockdowns implemented around the globe. For the average household, the question is how to stay sane and survive this new normal. Herewith some ideas that really do work:

  1. Have a routine

At first, we all thought… Continue reading

What is EQ? Can I increase my EQ?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can be defined as the ability to understand, manage, and effectively express one’s own feelings, as well as engage and navigate successfully with the feelings of others. EQ is undeniably an essential foundation for all close personal relationships. Unlike IQ, which does not change significantly over a… Continue reading