“The Future Depends on What You Do Today”


Don’t ask me…ask my clients with ages ranging from 19 to 71!

I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to participate in and complete this program. Before I started, I had zero faith in myself and my abilities. Hope had diminished for me and the outlook on my life was dim. The program has instilled a light and fire for life in me. I know now that I my life is what I make of it and I am very hopeful. Zuleka made me feel like a human worthy of a beautiful life again. Thank you.
Hypnosis was such a great experience. It is the best relaxation that I have experienced in a long time with an added benefit of finding my inner peace and inner self. The coping techniques that Zuleka taught me during my hypnosis sessions are life changing and many times lifesaving! I would recommend hypnosis to everyone!
Every session brought new practical learnings and awareness of self and others around me. Having previously undergone behavioural anxiety therapy which is standard, my greatest appreciation for this course was how Zuleka designed it specifically to meet my needs. I felt the course mould to shape my specific needs. I look back on the journey and know without any uncertainty that these learnings are now inherent in who I am, that I am the best version of myself. As I grow and experience everything life has to offer both positive and negative, I know that I am equipped to handle it all. Thank you; it has been a privilege to experience this course and learn from you. You have changed my life!
Professionally I had experienced certain tough situations on my journey. These coaching sessions provided me with the tools to handle the situation with confidence and maturity. I have received feedback from various people within my workplace complimenting my change in attitude and demeanour since attending these coaching sessions. These coaching sessions have made me stronger, more resilient, grateful and I have this consistent desire to be the best version of myself. I am now a leader of me and of others.
I chose to utilise the services of Zuleka based on a recommendation – proof already that Zuleka works wonders! For the first time in my life, I gave myself a gift to focus purely on me. I loved every minute of our discussions and exercises. I can truly affirm that today, after all our sessions, I feel more enlightened, calmer, stronger, aware and in control of myself and my behaviour. As a person who is somewhat religious, it was important for me that my sessions with Zuleka did not contradict my religious belief system. I was very surprised to find that the messaging and teachings were completely in line with my beliefs. Zuleka was great at providing me with the science and studies behind certain matters and many times I spent days researching topics we covered. Today I can most certainly affirm that not only am I a better person for myself, but my colleagues, family and friends as well, because of my time with Zuleka. Thank you.  
The hypnosis sessions were excellent and, in my view, should be referred to as “ultimate relaxation sessions”. I highly recommend these to all individuals who feel overworked, stressed and tired. Zuleka assisted me to practice self-hypnosis and in today’s hectic environment, it is crucial to make time for oneself. Also, reflecting on one’s emotions, feelings and well-being in a safe environment is an important part of one’s personal growth. Zuleka also provides practical tools and techniques that can assist in developing or increasing one’s emotional intelligence (EQ). The perception is often that IQ is the only thing that matters in life and EQ is ignored. However, with a limited EQ, one’s IQ is almost useless, especially in management positions in the business environment. I believe that regular hypnosis sessions with a qualified coach can contribute significantly to increasing one’s EQ.
I thoroughly enjoyed the hypnosis sessions. Zuleka managed to create a safe environment where I felt comfortable to submit to the process. The experience itself was a wonderful journey of discovery and I was able to tap into deep feelings and explore various parts of my subconscious mind – all under Zuleka’s capable guidance. This was an amazing experience and I can definitely feel the difference in myself after the sessions. Thank you!
After two hypnosis sessions I feel energised and a lot lighter. I do feel that I can conquer and overcome anything in my life. My future is bright. I would definitely like more hypnosis sessions and can recommend it with confidence to everyone.
I tried one session of hypnosis following negative emotions therapy and relationship clear-up’s with Zuleka. As a spiritual being, I personally believe in cognitive healing as well as energy healing and therefore was also undergoing chakra balancing therapy simultaneously. The impact of hypnosis allowed me to connect these two types of healings, I was able to link the principle of cognitive hypnosis to spiritual third eye chakra balancing which together I felt the powerful awakening of consciousness and awareness. I have always been an emotional individual but also a highly logical one, the classic heart versus mind fight in all walks of life – linking the cognitive mind and emotional energies gave me my balance that I have been forever seeking.