“The Future Depends on What You Do Today”

An ocean of opportunities…

Welcome to my first blog for 2021!

When asked what you see around you, it would be far easier to identify and see all the problems, obstacles and things that do not work. It is much harder to see the solutions and opportunities. Why is that?

Seeing the problems, obstacles and things that do not work require way less effort! And you can even play the blame-game: blame the Coronavirus, blame governments, politics, etc.

There are many spiritual philosophies that would explain that you selected your present challenges long before you were even born. Should this be true, it means that you have chosen this for yourself; you wanted to be here; you are surrounded by your choices. You picked these challenges, restrictions and obstacles.

Whether you share this philosophy is irrelevant, what is relevant is how you respond, because circumstances do not matter; only your state of being matters.

How can you change your state of being/mind? I would like to touch on two ways to do it:

  1. Become aware of what you are thinking

Nothing has come about within a thought. Every emotion, feeling, state, or thing created by man is created by a thought. What is amazing about your thoughts is that they do not ever stop to create; it does not have an OFF button. As you read this, you have thoughts that create images, feelings, etc. Everything starts with a thought; seeing all the doom and gloom started with a thought. In short, your thoughts are creating the way you see the world.

You should thus become aware of your thoughts. What do you think about mostly? Once you become aware of your thoughts you can consciously start to change them.

I used to set an alarm on my phone from 7am to 7pm for every hour of the day with the question: What are you thinking? I was surprised with how much nonsense I was thinking about and because I became aware of it; I was able to change my thinking.

  1. Be grateful

Those of you that regularly read my blogs will know that I often write about gratitude.

By gratitude I do not mean guilt for having more than others or fear of loosing what I have; I mean just to be grateful for what you have in the moment.

When you opened your eyes this morning, did you look at the alarm clock and realised that you can actually see it? Did you say thank you for this gift? Or did you only focus on the fact that you have to get up? When the kids were screaming and shouting; did you focus on the screaming and shouting, or did you say thank you that you can hear them?

Become grateful for the small things and the big things will follow. We tend to attract into our lives what we focus on most. The more your focus is on the good, the solutions and opportunities, the more you will attract those into your life.

I wish you only happiness, peace, prosperity, and an ocean of opportunities for 2021!